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7 7 月, 2017

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Guangdong Standard Fluid Systems Co.,Ltd
Guangdong Standard Fluid System Company Limited is one of the largest professional manufacturers in South China, mainly producing screw pump, screw valve, emptying system professional manufacturers. Our screw pump, screw valve, empty system products are with advanced technology, perfect structure, various forms, complete specifications and durable, which are widely used in sewage treatment, chemical industry, paper making, food processing, pharmaceutical, energy, environmental protection, 3D printing and other industries.

Our company has an experienced, mature technology, high quality, reliable screw pump design, manufacturing, inspection, after-sales service engineer team. We offer customers with high quality products, excellent solutions, and efficient service in the field of fluid systems.

Stanard company manufactures and develops screw pump series products. At the same time, we also provide general screw accessories, repair and custom parts worldwide. And provide free technical advisory services and improved optimization design scheme.

Our excellent processing capacity, rich practical experience and mature technical advantages, stable guarantee to our products of high quality.

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